Wolseley today announced an exclusive partnership with Surefire Software, a new digital  job management platform that simplifies daily business administration, job management and purchasing for plumbing and heating contractors.  

Surefire has been designed by experts in the trade, and enables contractors to be more efficient by creating, managing and tracking jobs through to invoicing, as well as checking Wolseley stock availability and proximity live. Surefire was set up by B illy Wilgar, who also founded one of the UK’s biggest domestic heating and plumbing firms, AC Wilgar. 

Wolseley has entered into an exclusive partnership to offer Surefire to its customers via monthly subscription plans. The platform is accessible via standard web browsers or on mobile devices as an app. 

Wolseley prices and stock availability are accessible live via Surefire, linked to the customer’s terms. The platform is already seeing success with several hundred initial subscribers that have  streamlined all aspects of jobs, and managed the customer journey from the beginning through to creating an invoice and taking payment.

Hannah Foley, Director of Digital Customer Experience at Wolseley, said: “We have been so impressed with the effectiveness and efficiency of Surefire that we have become an exclusive partner, so that we can offer an enhanced digital job management and product sourcing experience to our customers. As the platform is designed and built by a heating expert for trade use, it offers everything contractors need in one place,  merging aspects of operating tools, live order tracking and pricing, to make daily tasks much simpler”

Billy Wilgar, founder of Surefire, said: “We have spent the last 10 years creating and evolving Surefire, which is designed to make the day-to-day running of contractor businesses easier. We’ve ensured that it fits the needs of people in the trade directly, with an understanding of all of the information that they need at their fingertips every day so that they can concentrate on doing jobs for customers.” 

For more information about Surefire Software visit http://www.surefiresoftware.co.uk/, while for Wolseley visit https://www.wolseley.co.uk/



Steve Earl/Polina Lisitsina

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