Our impact

Wolseley is committed to supporting our customers during the transition to zero carbon technology and ensuring that our operations have a positive impact for our colleagues, the communities we serve, and the environment.

Our products and services already bring huge benefits: we help customers make more conscious choices to improve their environmental performance, save money, and make the ‘built environment’ resilient to more extreme weather events.

The transition to zero carbon economy will mean we will need to implement new technologies aimed at decarbonising heating, as well as adopting products that have less ‘embodied carbon’.

At Wolseley, we talk about having a positive impact rather than ‘doing’ ESG. Positive impact is much broader and means that we can talk more widely about how we do business in terms of the products and services we offer, and the steps we are taking to improve the impact of our operations. 

What we do to create a positive impact


Supporting our customers

We support our customers to adopt new technology and solutions



Innovation and new technologies

We will support and lead innovation in the products and services we provide



Reduce our impact on the environment

We are taking action to reduce the environmental impacts arising from our operations



Focus on our people

We invest in the continuing development of our people through our Wolseley Talent Guild, offering comprehensive training, development, and apprenticeship programmes


Supporting local economies

We support local trades people which enables the local economy to prosper


Supporting our suppliers

We supported all our suppliers during lockdown and we work to ensure they operate to high ethical standards


Why Wolseley doesn't have an ESG policy

We don’t have a policy specifically about ESG because we don’t believe that our journey in this space should be disconnected and treated as something separate from our day-day work. Our determination to have a positive impact on the environment, on society, on our industry, and on people, should be part of everything we do in Wolseley.

This means that ‘ESG-related’ activities and commitments are incorporated into a number of different policies, such the ones we have around environment, the workplace, product integrity, and ethical supply chain.


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