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Wolseley Managed Services

Managed Services are a trusted partner who make it easy for our customers to have what they want, where and when they want it. We provide services to clients who need a truly bespoke offering.

For businesses across large residential, social housing, local authorities, retailers, and construction businesses, including FM companies, we can offer value right through the supply chain, through specialist sourcing, operating dedicated stores for the contract, and seamless procurement processes.

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What we do

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Bespoke Managed Solutions

A supply chain solution created to meet a client’s specific needs, whether nationally, regionally or locally. We provide solutions including a fully managed store, contact centre, product consolidated centre, and a national branch network


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Open Book Partnerships

Our open, honest, and flexible approach allows us to build strong partnering arrangements between ourselves and our clients. We work with a shared profit and loss account which enables the partnership to make informed business decisions


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IT – ‘System-to-system’

Full system-to-system integration between ourselves and our clients allow us to receive orders, send updates, and invoice electronically. This paperless environment reduces errors and improves efficiencies for both businesses


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Local positive impacts

We support engagement that will have a positive social impact in the areas local to our operations.

We are committed to supporting our customers to improve their environmental performance through technical guidance, support, and innovative new solutions.

As a business, Wolseley will be playing a leading role in the transition to the zero-carbon economy by supporting the adoption of clean technology in the built environment and national infrastructure.

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Van Stock Management

Van stock systems by discipline and by operative utilising the latest Cloud-based technologies.

The Cloud-based system provides detailed management information reports that can be tailored to our clients’ requirements.

The list of standard reports available are detailed below but can be tailored to specific business needs and to manage behaviours: Current stock availability | Current stock valuation | Stock movement report | Stock Return report | Stock below minimum levels | Slow moving stock analysis | Usage by van/individual

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SLAs measured by KPIs

Agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) measured by Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which are shared with the client and are designed to drive performance in the key areas of the business


We provide the product and services that are required for our clients to repair, maintain, and replace the fabric of a building as well as the assets inside a building.

Social Housing

Registered Social Landlords | Arms Length Management Organisations | Local Authorities | Housing Associations | Appointed contractors

Retail, Hospitality and Leisure

Supermarkets | Retail Chains | Hotels | Restaurants

Ministry Of Defence (MOD)

Military bases – Infrastructure and Housing

Facilities Maintenance

Appointed Contractors – commercial buildings in public and private sector

Case studies

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Livv Housing Group

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