Wolseley has earned Gold Achievement awards from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) in recognition of outstanding health and safety practices at two of our Distribution Centres.

Awards are made to companies that demonstrate strength in their policies, procedures, and performance - in other words, not just having clear and comprehensive rules, but living and breathing them effectively.

Our Distribution Centres at Melmerby in North Yorkshire and Measham in Leicestershire both recorded zero accidents, or applicable incidents, between January and December last year.

Both sites are busy facilities that are crucial parts of Wolseley’s national distribution network, which handles the movement of more than half a million products in an average day.
The full list of UK companies who will receive gold, silver, and bronze awards from RoSPA will be announced at a ceremony in London on Tuesday 16 May.

"Making sure our colleagues return home safely at the end of their working day with us is our absolute number one priority. The Leadership teams in each of our Distribution Centres work tirelessly with our colleagues to make sure we create an environment that ensures that happens. It’s great that RoSPA have recognised this achievement and the teams are rightly proud of this and the culture that they have created." Duncan Kendal, Chief Supply Chain Officer