Wolseley has launched a new range of Jet pressure reducing valves that have been approved by Kiwa Watertec, meaning they are compliant to UK Water Supply (water fittings) Regulations for both hot and cold applications.

The valves have undergone, and passed, stringent testing by independent UK certification body Kiwa. The KUKreg4 certificate issued by Kiwa, a global top 20 testing, inspection, and certification (TIC) organisation, is equivalent to a WRAS certificate.

In the UK, Kiwa provides independent and expert testing, certification, training, and consultancy services across energy, construction, agri-food, product testing, and product approval markets.

The rigorous Kiwa certification process involved testing samples of each valve size, to ensure that they comply with the legal requirements for the water regulations, including their design, installation, operation, and maintenance.

To replicate the lifestyle of the product, some Kiwa tests can involve months of repetitive cycles, followed by more endurance testing. The certification process also ensures the products are appropriately marked for traceability and are accompanied by suitable installation instructions.

Debbie Mertens, Supply Quality Assurance Manager from Wolseley said: “Wolseley has been working to improve our current Jet pressure reducing valves to keep the same features the popular Jet range has always had, but with added flexibility of installation for both hot and cold water, now approved by Kiwa.”

For more information about Wolseley, visit www.wolseley.co.uk, while for more information about Kiwa Watertec, visit Kiwa UK Group.