Apprenticeships at Wolseley help to provide our people with the skills, knowledge and behaviours they need to develop themselves and nurture their potential, whilst working towards a nationally recognised qualification.

We place great emphasis on our apprenticeship programmes across our business to ensure our learners achieve success whilst enjoying what they do. In 2023, we launched new initiatives designed to support our apprentices – and since then, the percentage of ‘on track learners’ has almost doubled, reaching 87% in January 2024. With that increase in engagement, the number of colleagues completing programmes has also risen from 117 in January 2023, to a current total of 148.

All our apprentices receive the full support of the Wolseley Talent Team, their dedicated training provider and their manager, who between them play an integral part in a colleagues’ learning journey.

We also offer apprenticeships to new colleagues, who bring fresh perspectives and an eagerness to learn. In 2023, we welcomed 28 new apprentices into our business, and we will be launching more new opportunities on our careers page in summer 2024.

“We’re always looking for ways to make our programmes the best on offer for our people and we’ll continue to work with our internal team of experts and external providers to support our colleagues to achieve their career goals and aspirations,” said Jo Shipley, Apprenticeship Manager at Wolseley.

To keep up to date with our apprenticeship news, please head to our careers page.