Wolseley Group continues to support the development of young talent in the UK through its Talent Guild programme. Among other development options, the Wolseley Talent Guild provides opportunities for apprentices to develop their skills and harness their potential through expert guidance in a professional environment.

Since its launch in 2020, the Wolseley Talent Guild has gone on to award multiple promotions and nationally recognised qualifications to its graduates, providing them with strong foundations for a successful career.

A recent graduate of the Wolseley Talent Guild, Bailey Dowson, joined the business in mid-2021 as an Apprentice Team Leader and began working towards his Level 3 qualification through the Wolseley Talent Guild. Now, 16 months later, he has completed the course with two months to spare and has assumed the full-time role of Team Leader at one of Wolseley’s Distribution Centres.

He explains: “I was searching for apprenticeships on the Government website and Wolseley was definitely one of the more appealing companies I came across. The apprenticeship on offer was just what I was looking for. It covers all sorts like what motivates people, time management, personal development. It’s very theoretical but the modules are relevant to the day job, and they give you all the tools you need to manage people and projects.”

Bailey’s training was supported by his line manager, Mark Thomas, who told us, “We both had to be committed to the programme. We needed to give him that day to do the theory work and modules, and we created a plan to allow for that. We also arranged regular catch-up sessions to check in on his progress and to see if he needed any additional support. Because we did that consistently, it enabled us to navigate any shortfalls.”

As part of Bailey’s apprenticeship, Mark ensured that he experienced the full breadth of the operation. From spending time meeting the teams in branches and distribution centres across the country, to developing his understanding of the products we sell and the systems used in the business, Bailey’s training allowed him to be immersed in multiple aspects of the business.

And Bailey’s plans for the future? “I really enjoy working at Wolseley,” he said. “I like being part of this team and my next challenge is to thrive in my new role, continue learning and developing my confidence.”

If you’re inspired by Bailey’s success story and would like to kick start your career, click this link to visit the Wolseley careers site. https://www.wolseleycareers.co.uk/