Wolseley Pipe and Ford-Mainwaring have announced that they are working together on a significant decarbonisation scheme, the biggest to-date for Wolseley Pipe.

The start-to-finish decarbonisation and CIF scheme is being completed at the Chase Terrace Academy in Burntwood, which forms part of the Stephen Sutton Multi-Academy Trust and consists of pre-construction consultancy, design, supply, and installation.

Ford-Mainwaring, engineering experts in design, installation, and maintenance services, is the principal M&E contractor, while Wolseley Pipe has been exclusively selected to supply the parts for the scheme. The scheme is being co-ordinated by Entrust Property Service, acting for the School Trust, and is being carried out in phases.

The work includes the installation of a heat pump as a primary source of heat which will, in turn, result in reduced overall carbon emissions at the Academy.

Additionally, there are various other carbon-saving measures across the site, including efficient plant and heat recovery equipment, and BMS installation. The whole site will also benefit from a complete mechanical services pipework, radiator, and radiant panel replacement.

The work is expected to be completed by March 2023.

John Hancock, Managing Director Wolseley Building Services said: “This is the fourth such decarbonisation scheme that Wolseley Pipe has been involved with and demonstrates our commitment to helping customers make the change to clean technology.”

Daniel Bailey, Ford-Mainwaring Business Leader, commented: “Supporting our customers with the transformation from traditional heating methods to carbon efficient equipment, controls, and systems is very exciting.

“Wolseley Pipe has been a significant partner in this change and positively impacts our delivery capability across our entire business.”

For more information about Wolseley, visit www.wolseley.co.uk/Pipe  while for more information about Ford-Mainwaring, visit www.fordmainwaring.co.uk.