An innovative Take-Back Scheme launched exclusively by Wolseley and Grundfos, which encourages customers to return their heating circulators to be recycled to make new high performing pumps, is already having a major positive impact according to new figures.

The circular economy is important as it eliminates waste and pollution and keeps valuable materials in use for longer. It is seen as a vital part of addressing environmental challenges. Since the industry-first Take Back scheme was launched at the beginning of November 2021, around 900 heating circulators have been returned, saving an equivalent 1839kg of CO2 and 2,386lts of water.

Keith Dorling, Managing Director at Wolseley Plumbing & Heating, said: “Our Take-Back scheme with Grundfos is fast accelerating as more-and-more customers hear about it. We’re really pleased with the success of the scheme, and we hope to work with other manufacturers on similar projects.”

70 branches across the Wolseley network currently take part in the scheme, a number that Wolseley and Grundfos are looking to increase by the end of 2022. They are also looking to include other products such as shower pumps, that have the potential for recycling, taking the savings of CO2 and water to new heights.  

Customers who are looking to recycle domestic and light commercial circulators simply need to take their old circulator to their local participating Wolseley branch, where it will be placed in storage before being taken away by Grundfos for recycling at their facility in the Northeast of England. 

The recycling process, which is carried out by Grundfos, consumes only 50% of the water required by the conventional recycling processes and emits 13.5% less greenhouse gases. 

Neal Saunders, Regional Sales Manager at Grundfos, which is the largest pump manufacturer in the world, said: “The Take-Back Scheme with Wolseley has achieved amazing results and shows a real commitment by customers to reduce their environmental impact when given the opportunity.”

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