New research by Wolseley has found that almost three quarters of Contract Customers (72%) think they will expand into Renewable installations in the next three years.

The survey included 240 participants across Heating, Plumbing and FM in a mixture of Private, Social, and New Build markets. Overall, the survey showed that most contract customers thought Renewables would impact their business in some way, identifying a trend of a fast-moving change to Renewables.

72% of respondents think they will expand into Renewable installations in the next 3 years, over half are expecting to increase Renewable installations within 2 years and 30% are expecting to increase Renewable installations in the next 12 months.

The 28% who don’t see themselves expanding into Renewables in the next 3 years are mainly Plumbers. However, three quarters of them are interested in finding out more about how Renewables can contribute to the growth of their business.

The Wolseley survey found that the top three most popular products in the transition to Renewables are: Air Source Heat Pumps at 83%, Underfloor Heating at 62% and 56% of respondents saw Electric replacing Gas systems.

Louise Dyson, Senior Category Manager at Wolseley said: “It is clear from our findings that customers fully appreciate the importance of Renewable installations and the impact they are already making - and will continue to make - in how they develop their business.

“Providing clear and impartial advice to our customers, including in such areas as accreditation for Renewable technologies, will help them to keep informed and make the best decisions going forwards.”

To support customers who are wanting to learn more about the Wolseley Renewables product offering, the business has created a new landing page on their website to showcase their expertise and range. The site can be visited at: Wolseley Renewables.